All you need to make at least SIX substantial stained glass light catchers in the comfort of your own home!  Use to decorate all your favourite indoor/outdoor places OR delight your friends and family by showing off your newly found skills and give them as gifts!

Suitable for beginners, no previous experience required!


The set includes 40 pre-cut coloured glass shapes, so no need to worry about learning to cut and grind glass, that part has been done for you!

You can choose to recreate the shapes as shown in the fully illustrated instruction guide or create your own designs.


  • 40 multi coloured pre-cut glass shapes to make at least 6 lightcatchers

  • Easy to follow, Illustrated step-by-step instructions 

  • Sturdy craft box

  • Soldering iron

  • Iron rest

  • Solder

  • Wire brush

  • Flux

  • Flux brush,

  • Copper foil

  • Fid,

  • Jump rings

  • Illustrated alternative designs